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Choose Springer Estate as Your Wedding Venue in Burlington for a Perfect Wedding

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Whether you prefer the amber-tinted beauty of an autumn wedding, the lush green of a golden warm summer day, the fresh and flowery appeal of spring, or the whimsy of a winter wonderland, David Springer Estate in Burlington allows you to say “I do” in a splendid setting. You’ll find the perfect day at our 5-acre estate, in our premiere Clear Space 50*60 tent to accommodate your reception.

Ceremony Locations

You have a choice of ceremony locations (seated capacity of 180):


An arbour built for the present. Nestled under an indigenous tree-covered canopy. This sets the perfect storybook beginning.

Trios Arbre

Three trees that have grown in unison to symbolize the mantra “Live, Laugh, Love”.

The Barn

A rustic barn within the stonewalls of the old barn, with two-level seating combine to create the perfect wedding backdrop.

Lovely Sparrow Ceremony SEF.jpg

Your Choice

Host your reception in a tent overlooking the Niagara Escarpment. It features an outdoor bar and windows to allow you to enjoy the natural beauty of the estate. The reception tent also has a seated capacity of 180.


Each wedding gets a clean slate. You’ll find beautiful chandeliers and ceiling drapery in a space with solid floors. We have lovely harvest tables, linens, flatware, stemware, and Chiavari chairs all aimed towards making your dream event come true.


The Reception Pavilion

Once you’ve made your vows, you’re free to wander through the extensive manicured grounds or begin the celebrations inside with drinks, dinner, and dancing. Since it’s your special day, we leave no stone unturned to make the event the best for you. Be it the venue decoration or the food, we take care that all the provisions are made according to your suggestions.


We also understand that sometimes, it might be confusing what to go on with and what not. In that case, you can trust us that we will plan a perfect wedding for you. We can discuss the requirements with you and your loved ones and devise the perfect plan just for your “big day.” After all, the choices and the day are yours.

Call us now to learn more about booking and to find the date that works for you. Choose the Springer Estate for a perfect wedding.

Catering Service

Our Catering Services

When booking your event at the David Springer Estate, you can also benefit from our outstanding catering. Crafted by executive chef Victor Petrovski, our versatile multicourse meals are designed to suit most palates, and can be modified to accommodate dietary restrictions and food allergies. From canapés and appetizers to main dishes and late-night snacks, we offer options for all appetites.  We also offer bar services so you can sit back, eat, drink, and be merry while we handle it all.

Culinary Director Vele

Mixing Salad

 Vele was born in Melbourne, Australia, and has over 30 years of industry experience.

He further extended his learning in the culinary culture associated with the various wine regions during his 20-year tenure at The Old Barber House (Petrovski Family), and became the chef of the restaurants in 2001. Since then, he has been leading his team to provide Springer Estate with a creative and enticing culinary experience.


Vele  makes sure that he tastes every dish before it is made a part of the menu. He is very passionate about developing the menu, has the ability to use unique cooking techniques and obscure ingredients to make the dish appealing to the guests. Even though he is always creating new recipes, he still tries to keep a balance between comfort and adventure. He loves to present the guests with dishes they would have never tried.


Vele everyday role includes visiting farms and markets to make sure that fresh and quality local produce is always a part of the Estate’s ingredients.

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