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Choose Springer Estate in Burlington for a Perfect Wedding

Your wedding is one of the most important days in your life. As memorable as your wedding is, it can be made even more special at Springer Estate. Whether you prefer the amber-tinted beauty of an autumn wedding or you’d like to say “I do” on a warm, sunny summer day, you’ll have a perfect day at our 5 acre estate, in our premiere Clear Span 50*60 tent onsite to accommodate your reception. With our venue and perfect planning, your wedding celebration in Burlington is sure to etch memories in your heart, and be remembered by your guests.

Your Venue, Your Choice

Once you’ve made your vows, you’re free to wander through the extensive manicured grounds or begin the celebrations inside with drinks, dinner, and dancing. Since it’s your special day, we leave no stone unturned to make the event the best ever for you. Be it the venue decoration or the food, we take care that all the provisions are made according to your suggestions.

We also understand that sometimes, it might be confusing what to go on with and what not. In that case, you can trust us that we will plan a perfect wedding for you. We can discuss the requirements with you and your loved ones, and devise out the perfect plan just for your “big day.” After all, the choices and the day are yours.

Call us now to learn more about booking and to find the date that works for you. Choose the Springer Estate for a perfect wedding in Burlington.

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