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Springer Estate’s Menu

Are you worried about arranging catering services for your event? Be at ease, and let the team of Springer Estate handle it all. We have in-house catering services featuring various menu options to choose from. You can decide from our versatile multicourse meals which are designed to appeal to most palates. We can work with you on dietary restrictions and food allergies. To learn more about our catering services in Burlington, please call today.

Aaron Trutschel

Executive Chef

Aaron was born in Shelburne, Ontario, and has over 15 years of cooking experience. He has been our executive chef since January 2013. He has also had the opportunity to conduct trainings between 2003 and 2004 at well-known venues such as the Australian Cricket Fair Grounds. He learned to master his craft by working with prestigious establishments such as Chef Jason Rosso Distillery restaurant group.

He further extended his learnings in the culinary culture associated with the various wine regions during his 3-year tenure at The Old Barber House (Petrovski Family), and became the chef of the restaurants in 2013. Since then, he has been leading his team to provide Springer Estate with a creative and enticing culinary experience.

Aaron Trutschel makes sure that he tastes every dish before it is made a part of the menu. He is very passionate about developing the menu, has the ability to use unique cooking techniques and obscure ingredients to make the dish appealing to the guests. Even though he is always creating new recipes, he still tries to keep a balance between comfort and adventure. He loves to present the guests with dishes they would have never tried.

Trutschel’s everyday role includes visiting farms and markets to make sure that fresh and quality local produce is always a part of the Estate’s ingredients.

To learn more about menu, please contact us.

New and Unique Menu

We create unique dishes according to your requierments.

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